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The K2 Australian Fund provides investors, especially those with Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF), the opportunity of diversification through the use of shorting, cash to protect capital and building a portfolio in a benchmark unaware manner. The K2 Australian Fund benefits from specialist and active fund managers who keep a watchful eye on the Australian market and are forever vigilant.

The K2 Australian Fund has a mandate to invest both long and short in equity markets, with the added flexibility of investing in cash. The fund seeks to provide investors with absolute returns, through actively managing 2 key calls – equity, cash exposure. Since inception in 1999, this strategy has delivered clients with +12.9%* p.a (net of fees) – significant outperformance above its benchmark. 

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K2 Australian Fund Performance
at: 31 March 2017 Net of fees
1 year
3 year
% p.a
5 year
% p.a
7 year
% p.a
10 year
% p.a
% p.a
K2 Australian Fund 11.4% 5.1% 9.3% 6.4% 6.4% 11.6%

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The K2 Australian Fund in more detail

The K2 Australian Fund is an Australian equity fund focused on finding the best stocks and ideas
from Australia.

The investment team does not use a single approach to stock picking; rather, each investment manager brings their own investment style and methodology to the portfolio. Key variables of earnings, valuation and management are examined to determine whether securities are over or undervalued.

The investment team's ability to pick major investment themes, or 'catalysts', in a timely manner is a
key competitive advantage. The stock selection process is based on the investment manager's own primary research and direct contact with companies.

The K2 Australian fund has high conviction in its stock selection and exposure to various sectors.
The portfolio is constructed on the best ideas generated by the portfolio managers.

K2 is focused on delivering strong positive returns in good markets and capital protection in the
down markets.

To do this K2 believes in empowering the fund managers to make active calls for the clients to protect
the capital when necessary and increase exposure when appropriate.

The portfolio managers look for the investment themes and trends within the Australian market and
identify catalysts which will drive investment returns.

The fund aims to deliver capital growth over the long term by seeking out opportunities in undervalued companies in all market cycles.


By 2pm on the Business Day you wish to apply. (see PDS for further details)

Minimum Initial Application



Investment Strategy Update

Consistent with typical industry practices, the reference to listed equities in the PDS for the fund includes investments in entities that plan to list on the relevant securities exchange within the next 6 months.  The fund may also make other investments as permitted by the fund's constitution.

Historical Performance

Australian Date Current
1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year 3 years
5 years
Since Inception
NAV 31/03/2017 184.23 1.00% -0.36% 1.1% 11.37% 5.06% 9.33% 11.58%

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Fund Inception Date - 1 October 1999.


Returns are based on the NAV per unit plus distributions reinvested net of management fee and performance fee accruals, since inception. Returns represent the combined income and capital return for the period and are pre-tax. K2 does not invest by reference to the index and accordingly the equities held by the Fund can diverge significantly from underlying market indicies.
All performance returns are shown after all fees (including performance fees) and expenses have been deducted and assume reinvestment of income distributions. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Sector Equity Exposure

Graph represents sector equity exposure as at 31/03/2017

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K2 Australian Fund - Ratings

Independent Research has been undertaken by the following Research houses:

 - Zenith Research

 - Lonsec Research

AMIT Regime Notice - K2 Australian Fund

K2 Australian Fund Daily Pricing Performance

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K2 Australian Fund Financial Statements

Please click here to view the 31 December 2016 K2 Australian Fund Financial Statement.

Please click here to view the 30 June 2016 K2 Australian Fund Financial Statement.

MIT Statement

Please click here to view the K2 Australian Fund Notice for Subdivision 12-H of schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 for the period 30 June 2016. 

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