KII - K2 Global Equities Fund (Hedge Fund)


The K2 Global Equities Fund (KII) offers investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified global equities fund. The fund has been approved to trading status on the ASX market, meaning investors can buy/sell units via their own online broker account, via their stockbroker or financial planner.

The fund has a mandate to invest both long and short in equity markets, with the added flexibility of investing in cash. The fund seeks to provide investors with absolute returns, through actively managing key calls – equity, cash exposure. Since inception in late 2013, this strategy has delivered clients with significant outperformance above its benchmark.

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Fund Facts

ASX Ticker KII
Intraday Indicative NAV (iNAV) A$2.46 as at 4:15PM 28th Apr 2017
Lead Portfolio Manager Campbell Neal
Structure Global Equities Fund (AUD)
Inception 20 July 2015
Fund Size A$33.6M as at 31-Mar-2017
Management Fee 2.0% p.a
Performance Fee 20% performance fee is applied once the fund achieves its High Water Mark
ARSN Code 605 448 271

Investment Philosophy

The K2 Global Equities Fund is an international equity fund focused on finding the best stocks and ideas from around the globe.

The fund aims to deliver capital growth over the long-term by seeking out opportunities in undervalued companies in all market cycles. The fund invests in globally listed stocks. Typically the fund will hold between 80 and 120 different stocks, but if deemed appropriate the fund may hold up to 100% cash. The fund can buy Long and sell Short when seeking out investment opportunities and there is no predetermined capital allocation to any geographic region or industry sector.

The investment team's ability to pick major investment themes, or 'catalysts', in a timely manner is a key competitive advantage. The stock selection process is based on the investment manager's own primary research and direct contact with companies.

The portfolio of stocks is constructed in a non-benchmark method. The fund doesn't focus on under or 
over weights. Geographic exposure doesn't reflect the MSCI weighting. The portfolio is constructed on 
the best ideas generated by the portfolio managers.

K2 is focused on delivering strong positive returns in good markets and capital protection in the 
down markets.

To do this K2 believes in empowering the fund managers to make active calls for the clients to protect 
the capital when necessary and increase exposure when appropriate.

The Fund actively manages currency exposure with the aim of using hedging to reduce the risk of currency movement and protect stock returns. The level of hedging will depend on K2's expectation of future currency exchange rate movements.

The fund aims to deliver capital growth over the long term by seeking out opportunities in undervalued companies in all market cycles.

Research Report

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ASX Announcements

Please refer to the following link for all ASX announcements for the K2 Global Equities Fund:

K2 Global Equities Fund ASX Announcements

AMIT Regime Notice - K2 Global Equities Fund

Fund Performance

The K2 Global Equities Fund (KII) shares the same underlying investment strategy and portfolio as the existing K2 Global Alpha Fund. The K2 Global Alpha Fund is an unlisted managed fund that has an inception date of 1 December 2009. KII will seek to mirror the performance of the existing strategy, however it may, from time to time, differ slightly. For more information and to view the performance of the K2 Global Alpha Fund, please click here

How to Invest

1 – K2 Global Equities Fund PDS

2 – Trade via your online broker account or contact your stockbroker or financial planner

Unit Prices

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K2 Global Equities Fund Financial Statements

Please click here to view the 31 December 2016 K2 Global Equities Fund Financial Statement.

Please click here to view the 30 June 2016 K2 Global Equities Fund Financial Statement.

MIT Statement

Please click here to view the K2 Global Equities Fund Notice for Subdivision 12-H of schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 for the period 30 June 2016.

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