Apostle People and Planet Diversified Fund

The Apostle People and Planet Diversified Fund is available to wholesale investors only.

The Apostle People and Planet Diversified Fund has two core objectives:

  1. Provide a return of 3% per annum above inflation net of fees over rolling 5 year periods.
  2. Have a positive impact on society and the environment.

The Apostle People and Planet Diversified Fund employs the philosophy that high-quality investment performance can co-exist with a positive impact on people and the planet. The underlying belief of this philosophy is that, over the medium-to-long term, positive impact portfolios can provide strong financial returns due to their lack of exposure to negative impact areas, which may see declines. Apostle believes their focus on sustainable investments that create positive real-world outcomes will drive performance.

The Fund invests across a diversified portfolio of growth, defensive and alternative asset classes with the aim of generating positive outcomes for people and the planet alongside good financial returns.

Apostle is responsible for the investment management of the Fund’s low tracking error strategies (domestic and global listed equities and listed property) and has appointed Sub-Investment Managers, with expertise in certain securities and asset classes, to manage other portions of the Fund’s assets (active global equities, alternatives, and fixed income).

If you would like to receive information regarding this Fund, please contact us at invest@k2am.com.au