CCM Systematic Macro Plus Fund

Cartwright Capital was formed in 2022 by Troy Hamblion and Nicolas Hernout. The Fund aims to achieve capital appreciation using three core strategies that display positive and negative skew return distributions. The combination of these strategies aims for consistent returns and lower drawdowns over a longer period. Via the amalgamation of these strategies, Cartwright Capital can offer a diversified, asymmetric investment portfolio.

The portfolio construction process employs a quantitative approach to collect, process and analyse market data in order for the model to determine a view of the trend-following opportunities in each market. By maintaining a comparatively small exposure to any individual contract, Cartwright Capital achieves sector and contract diversification, thereby allowing a wide range of opportunities to be exploited and maximising expected long‑term risk-adjusted returns. The Fund maintains a core portfolio of futures contracts in order to replicate a diversified investment portfolio.

The Fund’s investment universe provides access to over 100 of the most liquid global financial, equity, currency and commodity futures. It may also trade other over-the-counter derivative contracts. The fund also trades a diversified long only portfolio of ASX200 and S&P500 cash equity securities along with unlisted unit trusts for AUD exposure.

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